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Tangy Mint Dip

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Tangy Mint Dip: a very easy to make dip at home. Made with fresh mint and coriander leaves. Added with spices like pepper, red chilli powder, green chilli for a spicy taste. Mixed with hung and churned curd for thickness. Tantalised with lemon or amchur powder for a tangy taste.   Food Type: Vegetarian

Prepare Time:15 mints | Grind Time: 5 mints

Total Time: 20 mints | Serves: 4

Author: Sriram | Cuisine: South Indian | Recipe Type: Dip

Note: 1 Hour Hung the curd in a muslin cloth or cotton cloth to get the thick curd  

Making of Tangy Mint Dip


  1. Fresh mint leaves as required - 1 cup

  2. Fresh coriander leaves as required - 1 cup

  3. Thick curd (Hung the curd for an hour in a muslin cloth or cotton cloth to get the thick curd) - 1 cup

  4. Chat masala - 1 tbsp

  5. Cumin powder - 1 tbsp

  6. Medium sized onion - 2 to 3

  7. Medium sized tomato - 2

  8. A piece of ginger peeled and chopped

  9. 3-4 cloves of garlic peeled chopped

  10. 1 green chilli, chopped (increasing the number of green chilies will increase the heat in the chutney, for a hotter and spicier version, you can add 2 green chilies)

  11. Amchur powder/Lemon Juice - 1 tbsp

  12. Black salt or rock salt as required

  13. 1 or 2 tbsp of water to grind the chutney

Cooking methods with Nala's touch....   Tangy Mint Dip making   1 Wash with warm water, rinse and chop the mint and coriander leaves nicely  2 Wash, peel and rinse the onion chop roughly 3 Wash, rinse and chop the tomatoes roughly 4 Add these fresh veggies, ginger, garlic, green chilli in a chutney grinder or a blender 5 Take care in adding water - add 1 or 2 tbsp water and grind the ingredients till smooth 6 Store  the green chutney in a bowl 7 Mix the curd (Hung thick curd) with a blender to make a thick paste and add chat masala, amchur powder and cumin powder and mix well 8 Add salt to taste 9 Mix the green chutney and curd, churn it very well so that it gets mixed properly   eNalabaag Special: Restaurant Style Green Chutney Ready    Serve it with Smoky Wheat Tandoori Veg Momos or Panner Tikka or Crispy Paneer Cubes

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