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Modak(Indian Sweet Momo)

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Modak (Kozhukattai - கொழுக்கட்டை) - Stuffed Coco 🥥 Rice 🍚 Bakes (Indian Sweet Momo). Modak is a traditional way of preparing and offer to Lord Ganesha to please him and get his blessings. It is believed that he is fond of this Modak. Also why not, this recipe is yummy 😋 for us too and very healthy. A recipe made with rice, coconut and jaggery syrup. The shape of this recipe will be like Momo.

eNalabaag Special Mushroom 🍄 Like Mushroom

Food Type: Vegetarian

Prepare Time: 95 mints |

Cook Time: 20 mints

Total Time: 115 mints | Pieces: 20

Author: eNalabaag

Cuisine: South Indian | Recipe Type: Dumplings

Modak - Stuffed Coco 🥥 Rice 🍚 Bakes

Main Ingredients:

  1. Raw Rice 🍚 2 cup (flour)

  2. Grated Coconut 🥥 2 cup

  3. Jaggery 2 cups

  4. Cardamom powder 2 tbsp

  5. Sesame Oil

  6. Ghee 3 tbsp

  7. Water 2 1/2 cup

Making of Sweet Coco Chunks 🥥(தேங்காய் பூரணம்)

  1. Take a kadai and keep the stove on a medium flame

  2. Add 1/2 cup water and

  3. Add 2 cups jaggery and mix well

  4. When it gets slightly thick consistency (not too thick or not too thin) add cardamom powder and give a good mix. Keep the stove in low flame

  5. Now add two cups of grated coconut 🥥 and give a good mix

  6. Saute till the coconut mix gets little thick to get a rolling consistency

  7. Take out from stove, spread in a plate and Keep it aside

Making of Raw Rice 🍚 flour for Modak

  1. Wash raw rice 🍚 and soak for 30 minutes

  2. After 30 minutes drain the water and dry in a cotton cloth (approximately one hour)

  3. Once completely dried grind raw rice in a mixer grinder to a smooth powder consistency

  4. Sieve the ground rice and grind the remaining filtered rice and sieve it again

  5. Do this process till getting a smooth rice powder

  6. Take a tawa and add 2 tbs sesame oil, keep the stove on a medium flame

  7. Once oil is hot add 2 cups of water and bring it to boil

  8. Now add ground rice flour and give a good mix

  9. Add 2 tbsp oil and give a good mix

  10. Check the flour consistency not to stick in the tawa and ensure the flour got baked fully

Making Modak Shapes

  • When the flour is hot, wet the hands with oil to make Modak

  • Cover the cooked flour with wetted muslin cloth ( doing this will retain the moist)

  1. Take a handful portion of baked rice 🍚 flour and make a round mellow with it

  2. Patty the mellow on the left ha

  3. nd palm and make a cup shape by working with your fingers from centre and the sides (Here it comes the creativity, try out your imaginations and give a good shape to Modak)

  4. Take Sweet Coco Chunks 🥥(தேங்காய் பூரணம்) according to the size of the rice flour cup

  5. Fill it in the Modak cup and cover the sides of the cup. Ensure there is no room for spill

  6. Do this for all the Modak

Baking coconut 🥥 stuffed Modak

  1. Keep the finished Modak one by one in the idly baking tray

  2. Pressure cook the Modak for about 5-6 minutes (don't put weight on the pressure cooker)

  3. When the pressure comes down take out from the cooker

  4. Modak(Indian Sweet Momo) ready

Offer this to Lord Ganesha and enjoy the delicious Modak (Indian Sweet Momo)

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