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Scrambled Veg Patty

Scrambled veg patty is an unique recipe eNalabaag's invention. The thought came up when we are having lunch at home. Ya nowadays younger generations are very choosy in eating vegetables. We had sauteed scrambled cluster beans (kothavarangai paruppu usili) a delicious one but due to younger generations avoided a whole cup of this veggie got leftover. One thing wanted to consume late and ultimately want to make younger generations also eat without hesitations, so this idea of Scrambled Veg Patty came up and a very healthy and delicious one and must try Recipe.

Food Type: Vegetarian

Prepare Time: 5 mints | Cook Time: 35 mints

Total Time: 40 mints | Serves: 8 patties

Author: eNalabaag

Cuisine: South Indian | Recipe Type: Patty

Making of Scrambled Veg Patty

Main Ingredients:

  1. Left over cooked veggies (this recipe with sauteed scrambled cluster beans (kothavarangai paruppu usili)

  2. Potato 4

  3. Corn flour 2 tbsp

  4. All purpose flour 2 tbsp

  5. Rice flour 1 tbsp

  6. Ginger 1 inch

  7. Garlic 5-6 cloves

  8. Garam Masala 1 tbsp

  9. Red chilli powder 1 tbsp

  10. Pepper powder 1 tbsp

  11. Turmeric a pinch

  12. Corn flakes crumbs or bread crumbs or rusk crumbs 1/2 cup

  13. Coriander leaves finely chopped 1/4 cup

  14. Salt to taste

  15. Oil

Backing Potato

  1. Take 4 potato and peel the skin and cut into half

  2. Pour water in a pressure cooker and add peeled potato, a pinch of turmeric and sliced green chilli

  3. Cover it and pressure cook the potato for 6 whistles

  4. Drain the water and smash the potato and keep it aside

Blending Veggie

  • Take the Left over cooked veggies (this recipe with sauteed scrambled cluster beans (kothavarangai paruppu usili) and slightly blend in a mixer grinder, don't make a smooth paste

  • Keep it aside

Ginger Garlic Paste

  • Add ginger and garlic on a mixer grinder

  • Grind it to a smooth paste and keep it aside

Making corn flakes crumbs

  • Take half cup of corn flakes and blend it roughly, don't grind to a smooth powder

  • Keep it aside

Scrambled Veg Patty Mix

  1. Take bowl and add smashed potato, finely chopped coriander leaves

  2. Add blended veggie and mix well

  3. Add the flours, corn flour, rice flour, all purpose flour and give a good mix

  4. Sprinkle little water and mix well

  5. Add spices, garam masala powder, red chilli powder, pepper powder and salt to taste

  6. Add 1 tbsp oil, ginger garlic paste and give a good mix

Patty Making

  • Take handful size of veggie batter mix

  • Make patty one by one and keep it aside

Scrambled Veg Patty making process

  1. Take a tawa and add 2 tbsp oil and keep the stove on a medium flame

  2. Now take each patty one by one and dip the patty's on the corn flakes crumbs or bread crumbs or rusk crumbs and coat all sides of the patty

  3. Place it on the tawa and fry one side of the patty on a medium flame

  4. Turn the patty and fry the other side

  5. Fry the patty's till it gets golden brown

  6. Scrambled Veg Patty ready, serve hot with tomato ketchup

Enjoy the sweet and delicious Scrambled Veg Patty with tomato ketchup !!!!

Thanks for reading and please share and give your likes and comments.....

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