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Milky White Mellows

Milky White Mellows (Paal Kozhakattai) a unique eNalabaag Special sweet recipe and good for all type of functions and an instant one. This sweet is prepared with Milk, Coconut and Jaggery. Very easy to make and healthy and yummy too. In tamil this is called Paal Kozhakattai (Milk Kozhakattai). A special variety of South Indian sweet recipe.

Food Type: Vegetarian

Prepare Time:10 mints | Cook Time: 20 mints

Total Time: 30 mints | Serves: 4

Author: eNalabaag

Cuisine: South Indian | Recipe Type: Dessert

Making of Milky White Mellows

Main Ingredients:

  1. Rice Flour - 1 cup

  2. Jaggery - 1 cup

  3. Coconut milk - 2 cups

  4. Coconut - 1 spoon for frying

  5. Milk - 1/2 ltr

  6. Cardamom - 1/2 tbsp

Making Rice Flour

  1. Take a cup of water and boil it

  2. Take a cup of rice flour

  3. Once the water is boiled, add rice flour and make a soft dough without any lumps

  4. Then prepare small white mellows

Jaggery Syrup

  1. Take a tawa and 1/2 cup of water and bring it to boil

  2. Add jaggery and mix well

  3. When it gets thick consistency filter and keep it aside

Milky White Mellows making process

  1. Take milk in a bowl

  2. When milk is boiling add the small white mellows

  3. Now make sure mellows are well cooked, on a low flame

  4. Add jaggery syrup give a good mix

  5. Now add 1 tbsp of grated coconut mixed with ghee, cardamom powder and mix well

  6. Now , turn off the flame and add coconut milk and give a good mix(Do not add coconut milk when the mixture is boiling as the coconut milk may lumps)

  7. Milky White Mellows ready

Enjoy the sweet and yummy Milky White Mellows !!!!

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