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Crispy Onion Rings

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Crispy Onion Rings is a quick and easy to prepare recipe. It's a delicious one especially for kids. It goes along with tomato sauce, the taste will be mouth watering.   Food Type: Vegetarian

Prepare Time:5 mints | Cook Time: 10 mints

Total Time: 15 mints | Serves: 4

Author: Sriram | Cuisine: South Indian | Recipe Type: Onion Rings

Making of Crispy Onion Rings

Main Ingredients:

  1. Onion 2 large size

  2. Corn Flour 2 tbsp

  3. Rice Flour or All purpose flour 2 tbsp

  4. Garlic Paste 1 tbsp

  5. Garam Masala 1 tbsp

  6. Pepper powder 1/2 tbsp

  7. Red Chilli powder 1 tbsp

  8. Turmeric a pinch

  9. Salt to taste

  10. Water as required

  11. Corn Flakes crumbs or Bread crumbs

Making Crispy Onion Rings

  1. Take a bowl and add Corn flour and Rice flour or All purpose flour and mix well

  2. Add Garlic paste to the mix

  3. Add garam masala, red chilli and pepper powder

  4. Add salt as required and mix

  5. Add little water and make a thick batter

  6. Cut big onion like rings by removing the layers from the onion one by one

  7. Dip the onion in the thick batter

  8. Then coat the batter dipped onions with corn flakes crumbs or bread crumbs

  9. Heat oil in a tawa keep the stove in medium flame

  10. Fry the crumbs coated onions till it gets golden and crispy

  11. Take out and place it in kitchen towel or tissue paper to remove excess oil

  12. Serve hot with tomato sauce

Enjoy the delicious Crispy Onion Rings with tomato sauce !!!!

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