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Aromatic Zeeragach Chamba Pongal

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Pongal is one of the important and healthy South Indian Breakfast which has got healthy ingredients which gives energy and easily digestible enzymes.  When we take this along with coconut chutney and sambar it adds more taste and gives more health benefits and especially this Zeerachamba will give an aromatic experience with unique taste.   Food Type: Vegetarian

Prepare Time:15 mints | Cook Time: 15 mints

Total Time: 30 mints | Serves: 4

Author: Sriram | Cuisine: South Indian | Recipe Type: Rice


Making of Aromatic Zeeragach Chamba Pongal

Main Ingredients:

  1. Zeeragachamba Rice 1 cup

  2. Moongdal 1/4 cup

  3. Ghee 4 tbsp

  4. Jeera 1 tbsp

  5. Turmeric a pinch

  6. Full Pepper 1/2 tbsp

  7. Sliced greed chilli 1

  8. 1 inch Grated Ginger

  9. Curry leaves as required

  10. Cashwe Nut

  11. Salt to taste

  12. Water 1/2 cup

Making of Aromatic Zeeragachamba Pongal:

  1. Soak Zeeragach chamba rice in warm water with drops of oil

  2. Pressure cook Zeeragach chamba rice and moong dhall for 5 to 6 whistles

  3. In a tawa pour 4 tbsp ghee keep the stove in low flame and let the ghee gets heated up

  4. Add jeera 1 tbsp, Cashew nuts and fry for some time

  5. Now sprinkle pepper, green chilli, grated ginger, curry leaves, a pinch of turmeric powder and fry them well.  Add salt to taste

  6. Mix the cooked Zeeragachamba rice in the tawa along with the above mix  and let the ingredients gets coated well.

  7. Finally add require amount of ghee for an added flavour and your Aromatic Zeeraghchamba is ready.

Serve hot with coconut chutney and sambar.

Enjoy the delicious Aromatic Zeeragachamba Pongal and have a healthy breakfast !!!!

Thanks for reading and please share and give your likes and comments.....

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